what is the cause of stress and anxiety, how do stress and anxiety harm you and how to overcome it

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Understand the symptoms of stress and anxiety

Anxiety are always follow by someone who had too long problem, worried and stress. Mostly after are some time or after six month of stress or excessive worry with multiple issues can leads to anxiety. Stress always comes from our situation of thought that will makes us feel angry, frustrated and anxious which gives us a feeling of apprehension or fear and eventually became anxiety. For stress to people is a normal parts of life that everyone has to go through. Stress can comes from depression, grief, like some who is very close to you passed away, health condition and works loads from home and office.

By understanding what is anxiety, the cause of stress and anxiety and recognise the symptoms of stress and anxiety can helps us overcome it and live a better life. The cause of stress are most cause by works loads and our emotion situation of our thought. Anxiety is the cause of our fear in ourself and most of this groups of people has psychiatric disorder or anxiety disorder. Anxiety can comes from people who is too long on drug medication or too much alcohol,nicotine or caffeine. People with poor diet that are low level in vitamin B12 is another cause of stress and anxiety.

Most of the physical problem of anxiety symptom are sweating, twitching or body trembling,headache, muscle tension, dry mouth and feeling abdominal pain. Others symptoms that anxiety can be accompany are dizziness, having irregular heart beat and rapid breathing. fatigue, frequent need to urinate, diarrhea and difficulties in sleeping and always wake up in the sleep because of having nightmares and loss of sex or having sexual problems.

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