what is the cause of stress and anxiety, how do stress and anxiety harm you and how to overcome it

Monday, December 04, 2006

Ways to treated stress and anxiety

Ther are many ways to treated stress and anxiety. Most stress and anxiety can be treated by relaxtion, herbal remedies, taking vitamin supplements and doing daily
exercise as it proof to be a best methods by many people in helping to reduce stress with may cause anxiety.

Control the food and drinks we take. Try to contol diets that contain caffeine and sugar as sugary foods gain excess weight and higher the risk to anxiety. Taking green tea and ginseng drink will release stress and lower the risk to anxiety.
Exercise is one of the best methods to release stress as exercise releases endorphins in the brain and relaxed our body and also help to weight lose.

Lastly plan your time in your working place and don't let workloads cause you stress as this will leads to anxiety. Get your down line to help with the works if you find it is not important to the company. If you feel tired have a rest and a hot nutrition drinks.